Who I am

My name is Mistress Ellen, and I am also known as Lady Ellen.  I have been a Professional Dominatrix since 1991 though I am now retired from active professional domination, and focus on education and private play.  You may read my full biography on my Bio page.

What is a Professional Dominatrix?

A good Professional Dominatrix is many things to many people.   Educator, a personal consultant, and a friend.  One thing a Professional Dominatrix is NOT is a sexual partner of any kind.

Why do people come to me?

They come to deal with stress, to explore their psyches, to give up control, to explore their pasts and their dreams.  Often, they are too shy to reveal their innermost needs to anyone but me.  They always leave me calmer, more relaxed, and healthier in mind than when they arrived.

When people who come to me have a primary relationship, I help them maintain it.  I teach them how to communicate and be a supportive partner, while still getting what they need from their significant other.

Everything I do is safe, sane, and consensual.  I do not have sex with my clients, nor do I do anything that is illegal, unsafe, or unsanitary.  Alcohol and drugs are never tolerated.  Safe words are always used and respected.

Meet Mistress Ellen

In Person

For those of you looking for more than just an online experience, there are lots of ways you can have my personal attention.  I see submissive and couples for classes in San Diego.  I also travel; check my News page to see where I am.

My book: amazon.com/dp/1546358218/…

Write me at MyLadyEllen@gmail.com

What Do My Classes Cover?

I've been a professional Dominatrix for many years, and have read and studied my craft extensively.  I can share that knowledge with you.  Please see my Classes page for details. 

                                                                          Interview with Mistress Ellen at DomConLA on BDSM  https://youtu.be/jNhvBbgNMN4                       

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