I am an expert practitioner of all forms of corporal punishment, CBT, bondage, etiquette, consensual slavery, and the psychology of dominatrix, to name a few. Even in areas where I do not choose to participate, if people do it, I have seen it and read about it.

Why take a class?

Are you new to BDSM and wondering just what there is to do and where you fit? Have you been around for years and still haven't been able to find the partner of your dreams? Are you a fledgling Mistress, wondering how to be a good businesswoman AND an exciting, safe Dominatrix? Maybe you are a couple in the lifestyle and somehow the spark is gone. Or maybe you're a sub who wants to learn new skills or try new things, but is wondering about safety. In any of these cases, classes from me can make a big difference in your life!

Who can take a class?

Because of popular demand, I am offering special classes for novices and experts alike. In these classes, you will learn safe play, new techniques and a wide range of other subjects. Whether you're a Dom, Mistress, Sub, or just in the lifestyle, you will gain valuable information from my classes.
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What do classes cover?

How long are classes?

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