Professional Experience

It is not an accident that I am a skilled and nationally-known Mistress. Not only do I have many years of experience as a professional Dominatrix, but I have made the lifestyle my life's study.


One of the things I enjoy most is sharing my knowledge with other people, as a counselor and teacher specializing in personal stress management, fetish and BDSM issues. I genuinely enjoy both sessions and teaching.

Personal Touch

I have a very personal touch.  You will feel at ease with me ... but on your toes.  While I am compassionate, I am also very much in charge.  I love to open you up to new possibilities and teach you new things--pleasure, pain, bondage, transformation, tickle torture, foot worship, Wax, CBT, Spanking, knowledge and personal growth. I will take you places you have never been!


I am a member of the DomCon Advisory Board.  I belong to many groups, including Black Rose, TES, Chasm, Club X San Diego.  Among my hobbies are sky diving, lighthouses, wearing, watching films of and reading books about period clothing, and the fine art of clothes shopping. I have attended various colleges, and received an education in social psychology, art history, law, and basic medical training.

I regularly raise funds for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, proceeds going to the University of California at San Diego.

My Biography


For many years I ran my own wonderful dungeon in Charleston, SC. I left that dungeon for San Diego, CA in 2004.  I am now in retirement from active professional domination, and focus on BDSM education and private play.

Contacting Me

I can be found in the following places:

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•Twitter: @MistressEllen